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Welcome to – The future of education starts here. is the brainchild of 3RC and their answer to provide options for Tertiary study to all learners finishing school.

Swiwel was originally conceived in 2020 as the pandemic hit the world and face to face communication stopped in its tracks. 3RC that is known for their live career expos had to find a new way to communicate with their target market.

In 2022 was launched as the worlds first 3D career expo and what you will see in version 2 (2023) is education and information taken to a whole new world. is a virtual space where learners, teachers and parents can go to find out more about possible career options and study opportunities. It is created to be fun and interactive. It is created for the youth (Gen Z). So, if you are struggling to find your way around, grab a youngster that is always on their mobile devices and get them to show you a whole new world.

For more information on Swiwel or to become a partner in this ground breaking virtual space – contact Kay Cheytanov – 0829035145 or

If you have any questions – go and look at FAQ or send us a message on “Talk to us”

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